Achieve the Natural No Makeup Look in 5 Easy Steps!

It seems like everybody is raving about the barely there makeup look. Who won’t? Who doesn’t love to look naturally glowing and effortlessly pretty? It’s a trend that started in Korea and pretty much influenced even the Western makeup trends. If you’re the kind of girl who loves to go simple, natural and barely there. Then this easy steps will help you achieve the natural, no-makeup look!

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Clear and healthy skin is the foundation of a no makeup-makeup look. The idea here is to show off your skin by enhancing your complexion. Allowing your skin to glow from within. So this is a very necessary step. Prep your skin. Use your trusted cleanser to remove oil and dirt. Enhance and tone your skin to purify and dig stubborn dirt. And lastly, bring back the moisture using your trusted moisturizer.

This will give you a clean and smooth skin, allowing your makeup to adhere and blend well with your skin.

For a natural look, avoid using heavy coverage foundation. Opt for a light, barely there base like a BB or CC Cream. Even Koreans prefer these on their face to achieve a flawless and glowing look on the skin. Use concealer if needed.


image source

Warm up your cheeks and use a natural looking lip color. For a more natural effect, avoid using lipsticks and powder base blush. Instead, opt for a moisturizing lip tint and a cream blush that will last all day.

Quickly shape and define your brows. Don’t spend too much time on this. A simple, quite messy but well-defined brows is what we are aiming for.


image source

Brighten up your face by applying a coat of your favorite mascara. Don’t apply too much. One coat is enough to look fresh and more awake.

As simple as that and you’re ready to go! You don’t need to be Michelle Phan nor have Zoella’s entire makeup collection to achieve the barely there look. All you need is your most basic makeup tools and five minutes (or even less!) of your time to do this five easy steps!

Good Luck!


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