Re-purpose Beauty Products & Tools You Hate

We all have at least one product that we regretted buying; a foundation darker on our skin, unflattering lipstick, so-so mascara and etc. But hey! I believe everything in this world has a purpose. And yes, even for makeup products too!

Check out some of these tricks and hacks on how you can re-purpose beauty products that have fallen short of your expectations.

image source

First hack is for that lipstick you hate ever since the day you bought it from the store. Whether it’s unflattering, too drying, or whatever reason that maybe try using it as a cream blush instead. This trick has been tested since ages ago. Remember how your moms used to do this trick? coz I definitely do!

Choosing the right foundation to match our skin is probably the hardest part of shopping for makeup. If you happen to buy a darker color foundation, don’t rush to the store returning the item nor throw it to the trash can. Use it to contour! contour is definitely a normal and day to day thing now.

Apply it on the hollows of your cheeks, jawline and on the sides of your nose. Blend well with a brush or a sponge and create that prefectly defined features!


image source

As for looking like a Geisha because of that powder or concealer you bought which was too light for you skin tone, use it as a highlighter! Enhance the best parts of you face by applying that light concealer you once hated buying. Apply it on the bridge of your nose, cupids bow, inner tear docks and on the side of you face to achieve that Kardashaian glow!

And the last hack is for that waterproof mascara you hated using. If you feel like your lashes are falling out because of that waterproof mascara you bought the other day at the store, you might want to re-purpose it instead of throwing it away.

Use it as a liquid waterproof eyeliner! Use a thin eyeliner brush to get the product from the mascara wand and apply it like you normally would. It does the same trick of giving the waterproof cat eye you love!

Hope these tricks can help you save those hard earned money you used to purchase those products you end up hating. Hop you all have a lovely day!

Good luck!


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