How To Create a Minimalist Bedroom

Minimal spaces have become the modern trend in interior design. Although not all people go for this trend because of it’s simplicity. But personally, I beg to disagree. Minimal spaces are a hidden beauty. And it’s very surprising how a clean and simple space look elegant and classy just as it is. And what other space could be more perfect to style with this trend than our bedrooms?! Here are some easy tips to help you transform your personal space the best minimalist room it can be.


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One major thing to a minimalist room is a clean and bare wall. A white wall is essential but if you dislike a plain white color, you can opt for a white panel wall or a stripped wall as long as majority is white. You can also use soft grey or other neutral colors if white isn’t your cup of tea. Putting up art and frames isn’t prohibited but always keep it minimal.

Aside from keeping the wall white, always remember to stick everything else with your chosen color palette. But remember that your color palette must only consist of neutral colors. Your bedding must have the main color as it is the focal point of your room.

Minimalist style is all about natural lighting.  Make use of your windows. Use a white or sheer white curtain to let the light in.


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Aside from natural lighting, it is also essential to keep natural elements like wood. Wooden headboards are also a thing nowadays which are also perfect for a minimalist room. If not, opt for furniture with wooden accents or even a wood floor in your entire room.


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In what way can we keep natural elements more than adding some live plants!? Live plants give your room a lively and natural feel. You can add in some succulents which are very trendy lately. They don’t require too much maintenance so it’s a really great addition to your room. And I must say, it completes the look we are aiming for.

Less is more 

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What we are trying to achieve here is a simple and clean look. That is what a minimalist room is all about. So keep everything less and clean. Declutter your room and take out unnecessary clothes, objects and decor.

More open space

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Because less is more, give your room a more open space. Install only essential pieces of furniture. Add mirrors to give an illusion of a bigger space.

Add texture
The reason why some people hate this style is because it can be very plain. To give this look a life, make sure to add texture. Concentrate bringing in different texture on your bed sheets and pillow cases. One way to also add texture is to add rugs and some metallic elements that give that rustic feel like copper and brass.

So that is it. I hope that these tips will help you transform your personal space into a minimalist room. Thanks for dropping by!

Good luck!


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