Tips on Decorating For Christmas

We only have a few days left before Christmas. Have you guys shop for presents already? are you done decorating for this festive holiday season? If not, I’m here to help you on how to easily transform your house or your room to make it feel more like Christmas. Here are some simple tips!

Put up your Christmas tree


image source

Christmas wouldn’t be as festive if you don’t put up your Christmas tree. Whether you choose to buy a real tree or a fake one, it won’t matter. Just put up a Christmas tree in your living room or hallway and decorate it with your hearts desire. Just remember to stick with a color palette. You can also put on some fake flowers as ornaments like in the photo above instead of the traditional balls.

Tons of Christmas lights

Feel the Christmas spirit by putting on tons and tons of Christmas lights all over your house. Don’t forget to put lights on your Christmas tree too. You may also want to display some lighting outside your house to embrace more the Christmas vibe.

Scented candles


image source

Light your candles by the evening and breathe in Christmas scents all over your room. If you think candles are expensive then DIY one!

Change pillow sheets and blankets


image source

This is probably one of the easiest and fastest way if you want to instantly make your room Christmas ready. Seriously, all you need to do is change your pillow cases and sheets. You can go for reds and green color combination for that traditional Christmas vibe, or opt for a monochromatic color palette. It’s all up to you!

Make DIY Christmas decorations


image source

If you have a spare time and you want to avoid spending too much with decor shopping, then make your own! There are tons of amazing DIY Christmas decor in the internet especially on Pinterest. You can check my board (here) if you want to check easy DIY tutorials because seriously, my Pinterest is lit!

Play Christmas songs non stop

Boost your mood for Christmas by playing your favorite Christmas songs. You can play the old school Christmas songs or perhaps Justin Beiber or Ariana Grande’s Christmas playlist on spotify all day, whenever you like. Be in the Christmas spirit!



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