How to Combine Fashion and Interior Design

how-to-combine-fashion-and-interior-designWhen Thom Filicia first appeared on reality TV in his hit show Dress My Nest (there’s no way you haven’t heard of it and binge-watched it for weekends on end!) and presented us with the idea of merging clothes and interior design, we were a bit skeptical. Naturally, nobody expected him to hang pieces of clothing around the house and turn them into decorative elements but we also weren’t sure what exactly was he going to do – until we’ve seen it! The idea was to take his customer’s favorite clothing pieces, elements that represent their fashion style and use them as inspiration to find perfect furnishing pieces and décor for their home. Exciting!

That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today.

Don’t think that it’s impossible to transfer your fashion sense to your home and decorate everything in accordance. Bringing the two together takes a bit of patience and diligence (and a lot of creativity!) to set up everything as you want it, but once you do – it’s like living a dream.

Here’s a nifty list of a few ideas on how to go about your interior home décor.

1. Bright Colors for a Bright Personality

There’s not much to think about this style, really as long as you make sure to include bright colors with almost every piece of décor you choose. However, don’t go overboard, because too many vivid colors could disrupt the balance in your home and make you feel uncomfortable. Another option is to use it in accents and balance everything out; curtains, sofa covers, rugs, bright walls, light picture frames, etc. – whatever you feel would fit best.bright-colors-for-a-bright-personality-collage

2. Patterns in Your Home

Are you a person who enjoys clothes with plenty of patterns? You’re in luck, especially with so many wallpapers to choose from. Choose a crazy pattern to feel cozy. Why stop there, combine patterns and create something unique. It would be best to stick to just one kind of design throughout your rooms; otherwise, it’ll be too much for your eyes to focus on. You don’t want the patterns to scream “crazy”, right?


3. Minimal Elegance

Nothing says elegance more than a tight dress or a sharp suit, and the one thing in common is that they’re done in a sleek, sophisticated manner. You should redecorate your home in a minimalistic style if you prefer class over all. Simple colors on your walls and floors, with comfortable but restrained furniture will do the trick. Just remember to keep everything tidy or you might find the delicately set balance in your home disrupted.


4. Accessorize Your Home

Wearing lots of accessories defines your style? Great, because your home will need a touch of it! If you are a fan of pearls, glass and crystal jewelry, go with a lovely chandelier; if you prefer gold, add golden elements to your everyday décor, as well as furnishing with golden finishes to make it really stand out. You can also create a luxurious feel by getting some interesting designer pieces.


5. Create a Warm Fuzzy Feeling

If you feel like your home needs a fur upgrade, or if you think it’s about time to make it warmer, you should go with faux-fur for an added element of your already gorgeous space. Even more so, throw in a couple of fuzzy rugs to keep your feet warmer in winter. A piece of advice, though – try not to go overboard with the walls as they’ll read cheap and tacky if not coated right.


6. You Can Never Go Wrong With Vintage

Having a sense of fashion which is out of this century is pretty awesome. But why stop there? Vintage décor might be a bit hard to obtain at times, but it becomes priceless once it is part of your home. Setting up each of your rooms requires precision and sophistication if you want to pull vintage off, as well as a feel of greatness. The currently popular trend is combining modern and vintage, so you may as well do it yourself – it will be a perfect reflection of your modern, fast life and a sophisticated vintage taste.


Intertwining fashion with house décor might seem like too much work, but it’s not. All you need is a keen eye, some time on your hands, and a fashion sense to help put each room together. You can finally have a home where you’ll feel amazing.

*photo credits to Unsplash & Pixabay
Guest post by: Elise Morgan


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