Plastic Surgery: Pros and Cons

Beauty standards change with time. Thanks to technological and medical advancements in modern society, plastic surgeries have become a fairly usual practice. There’s little surprise here since plastic surgeries today offer better, safer and more natural-like results. However, this is precisely the reason why you should carefully consider going under the knife. Ask yourself whether you actually need the help of such procedure or are you simply caught up in the hype.

Lip injectionsimage00

Lip fillers have become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. Unfortunately, a lot of people who decide to go through with this have unrealistic expectations. While opting for lip injections and surgery is a great decision for people who have visibly asymmetrical lips or extremely thin lips, enlarging them just for the fad of it can have some negative consequences. For starters, lip fillers don’t last forever. If you constantly reshape your lips with this method, you can actually damage the gentle skin in this area, which will lead to asymmetry. You have to be realistic about the natural limits of this procedure.


Not everyone is a good candidate for liposuction. You have to be healthy and of certain weight before proceeding with this intervention. Moreover, your problems won’t be over with liposuction. You have to stick to a healthy diet and regular exercise afterwards if you want your results to be long-term. In case you never introduce the necessary change, the effects of liposuction will vanish in time, and your body will return to its previous state. Of course, you can’t possibly expect to undergo liposuction every once in a while since this is a fairly invasive procedure. In that respect, liposuction is recommended for people who need to transform their lifestyle completely and make an effort to improve their health.

Breast augmentationimage04

Breast augmentation is another plastic surgery that can’t promise life-long results. Every professional will tell you about this “expiration date” and the main point is – it varies from person to person. Since this procedure cost quite a bit of money, you should consider it very carefully. Of course, breast surgery is a great solution for women who have visible asymmetry or have won the fight against breast cancer. But if your primary motive is to simply have bigger breasts, you should definitely take the time to reevaluate this decision. Poor clinic conditions, unprofessional surgeons as well as going overboard with your desired size can lead to issues such as symmastia. This is one of the most difficult conditions to repair since the tissue of both breasts confluents in the middle of your chest and it requires additional surgeries.

Face liftsimage03

Almost as popular as lip injections due to the widespread accessibility, face lifts also need to be considered with attentive care. Face lifts are more than helpful when you reach a certain age where your body simply cannot produce enough collagen and elastin. On the other hand, more and more young adults think that a face lift is a good idea to remove the first signs of wrinkles, which is far from healthy and beneficial in the long run. Basically, you can prevent your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, get saggy skin and age prematurely if you start undergoing face lifts, botox and other similar procedures several years too soon.

The essential message here is that you should love your body and work on improving yourself as much as possible with a healthy diet, regular exercises and positive affirmations. If you stay realistic in this matter, you’ll find it a lot easier to actually spot serious flaws that can and should be corrected with surgery instead of simply going with the flow of the ideal body image that media imposes on you.



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