Top 5 Beauty and Skin Care Trends in 2017

Skin care has become the imperative need in today’s world. The beauty industry depends upon the responses given by the people, who constantly use the products to enhance their beauty. With the increasing demand for the best products that give long lasting results, many companies are indulged in making products that are effective and satisfy the needs of the beauty conscious people. The global sale for beauty segment can cross $130 billion by 2019. Every year many trends are followed in the industry which are innovative and effective. These trends change from time-to-time; social media is effective in the case which helps the trend grow and people make their choices about the products they want to use.

  • Face Masks

They have always been in trend; currently, they are in different variation like masks made of clay, green tea, muds, charcoal and many more. Also, dry sheet masks are very popular and have been used as a product to enhance and revitalize the skin. The facemasks are generally for face but now due to advance technology, the masks have been introduced for other parts to make them plump and radiant.

  • Probiotics

Last year many products were launched that were rich in probiotics and this year it is one of the successful products in the market. Researchers say that harmful bacteria in gut lead to inflammation such as redness and acne. So a person should focus on foods that are rich in probiotics like yogurt and miso. It provides a protective shield and helps in activating the natural moisturizer which benefits the skin and keeps the inflammation away.

  • Superfoods

These days the Skin Care Products are manufactured on the verge of kitchen essentials. The Grandma’s secret is now combined with the beauty essentials to make them effective between people. Be it kale or moringa, many beauty companies have manufactured bathroom essentials that have their extracts to make one’s bath worthy and soothing.

  • Face Brushing

Brushing one’s face is the traditional technique that had been used for ages. This year the trend has been back and many face brushes are launched which acts as an exfoliator. These brushes are appreciated by the experts and are used to exfoliate and clean the cellulite. They play an important role in circulation and free skin from breakouts and make it vibrant.

  • Korean Beauty

Hydration is the most important step in Korean beauty regime; this regime has taken the globe by storm. These products enhance the experience of beauty ritual if one is undergoing it. The skin products have become highly popular due to its varying textures. The results of the process will result in healthy, lowing and plumper skin.

The beauty trends have been always popular with new skin care regimes that promise to give a healthy skin with long lasting results. There are a number of beauty trends but one should choose the right one according to the skin type in order to avoid any damage to the skin. Along with the processes, one should also indulge in balanced diet and liquids that will hydrate the body.


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