5 Astounding Beauty Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy And Pre-Therapy Precautions

Acupuncture is a system in which fine needles are inserted into the skin at specific points, which are known as acupuncture points. Chinese physicians have practiced this form of Dermatology, 5000 years ago, which fixes a range of skin conditions such as broken capillaries. Acupuncture can overcome health problems like oral cavity, upper respiratory tract, eyelids, some kind of diseases that attack the nerves, bones, and muscles. It can also be used as a pain reducing therapy and vitality can be restored every day.

There are many beauty and health benefits of acupuncture. Some of the beauty benefits are mentioned below.

Beauty Benefits of Acupuncture

Smooth skin

The beauty benefit of acupuncture is smooth skin, which is achieved by stimulating the nervous system, that causes local reaction to improve blood circulation and collagen production in order to grow. Acupuncture helps to tighten the skin, reduce the wrinkles and fine lines on the face, and overcome puffy eyes and dark circles around the eyes. This therapy can also treat acne and shrink the pores, and makes it radiant and bright. It can increase the blood flow to the skin, boost collagen and overcome hormonal hair loss.


Reduces the puffiness. 

Acupuncture is designed to address many issues like swollen face, which is a sign of many issues in the body. If you have digestive problems, allergies, and poor lymphatic drainage – then these signs are visible on your face as puffiness. Acupuncture will help not only correct it from outside, but also from inside. This can be achieved by inserting sterile needles at certain points on the body, which is identified as traditional Chinese medicine. It causes a healing response both locally and throughout the body.


Clear acne and calm rosacea.

The rebalancing effect of acupuncture treat breakouts, whether it’s chronic or caused by hormonal fluctuations. Acne is seen as a reflection of internal heat, and the digestive system; premenstrual breakouts can be adjusted through acupuncture as well as by treating the heat inside the body.

Rosacea is similar to acne; it’s about adjusting the internal balance within the body. This is caused by the problem in digestion; it can be treated by clearing up the internal digestive issues, which will minimize the redness and irritation in the skin.


Tightens the skin.

 A few needles can help to firm the skin. Acupuncture is absolutely amazing for toning the muscles and tone the deeper tissue in the body. It helps to relax the deeper tissue muscles that are too tight and tightens the muscles, which are loose. It proves beneficial for lifting and sculpting the cheeks and jawline, and also eyebrows.

Effective in weight loss

 Acupuncture can regulate water metabolism for the whole body to help suppress the appetite. Two points on the ear can be stimulated, to help get cravings and feelings of hunger under control. Certain points on the body like – above the ankle bone on the inside of your leg – can be stimulated to help improve metabolism. However, the researchers say that it is not a magic therapy, and definitely not a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet. Acupuncture can prove to be an effective tool to have in the arsenal, which would help to reach the goals.


Points to keep in mind before choosing the therapy

  • When deciding to undergo acupuncture therapy, keep in mind the credibility of the therapist. The therapist should have an ideal experience or training. If not, then there could be many risks involved, as the improper positioning of the needle can cause severe injury to internal organs.
  • The clinic, where the process would be carried out, should be hygienic and the needles used for acupuncture should be safe and sterilized. They should be disposable; else risk of infections such as hepatitis can occur due to the negligence. The clinic should have comfortable and safe massage tables, where the therapy would be carried out.
  • If you are on a medication or have some issues related to health, then consult your doctor. Make sure the therapy is received from an expert, who has been certified and have adequate facilities.

Acupuncture is an old age therapy, which had been in action for many centuries. There are no side effects of the therapy if performed properly by the therapist. It is a simple therapy, because of the equipment used, which is not complicated, but just a special needle. It can show a positive result when proper sessions are done regularly.


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