Your Style Corner is not your typical lifestyle blog. YSC is a blog dedicated to fashion, beauty and style. A platform created to empower women. To celebrate and showcase women diversity in style and choices.


I know looking at the ABOUT ME page isn’t much of a thing these days so if you’re still on my blog and you reach this page, well thank you! 

I am a 5-yr old blogger all the way from the Philippines. I love blogging anything about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I have my personal blog where I write anything about myself and things I like (check here).

In this blog, I decided to go out of my comfort zone. I want to write good content other than writing a diary like what I post on my personal blog. I want YourStyleCorner to be a blog where us girls can learn a lot from. I want this page to soon be a corner in the worldwide web where us girls can learn a lot from each other. Sharing our diversity and unique differences in style, beauty and passion.

This blog is still under the works but expect to read more good stuff and see how this blog develops and grow (check my welcome blog post here). Enjoy reading and have a great day!

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