Advertise with Us

This page is open to work with brands that is in lined with our advocacy to empower women. We only accept brands that fall beyond these range of topics:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Home decor
  • Lifestyle

If your brand is in lined with our topics, please take note of the following advertising guidelines.

  • Banner advertising
    We at YSC will only accept an at least 300×300 wide HD banner. Banner ads shall only be placed on our blog section and not on the home page. We will also have a separate page to showcase our partnership. Rest assured your banners will be displayed in a perfect spot.
  • Sponsored Post
    We also accept sponsored posts with at least 500 words and with high definition photos which will be provided by you. Also, we strictly adhere to Google’s terms when it comes to sponsored posts, which means we will only provide “no follow” links.
  • Product Review
    This site is also open to do product reviews. Please rest assured that we will review your products based on our honest opinions. We will make constructiive cricisms and will never destroy your brand.
  • Event Sponsorship
    We are also open for event invitations. We will be happy to cover your brand events and partner with your for your campaigns. We come from different parts in the Philippines so you will have to shoulder at least the fare.
  • Giveaway
    This site is also open to host a giveaway with you. We will be more than happy to partner with your brand in giving joy and satisfaction to our readers. Not only will we benefit, but your brand will also get much attraction.

If you have other topic or other form of advertising in mind that you think will be best for both of us, please email us directly or fill out the form below.